Work Program – Getting Started (23/9/11)

As a friend of Guadalajara and sustainable cities more generally, and bearing in mind my limited Spanish but at the same time my strong desire to lend a hand in the creation of this new collaborative website and associated tools in support of the move to a sustainable Guadalajara, I am pleased to sketch out the following preliminary suggestions for discussion and decision concerning activities, materials and links that I think can be usefully incorporated into this site within the coming weeks. Sigue leyendo



As is or at least should by now be well known, a transportation “system” is well more than a collection of largely free-standing bits of infrastructure, modes, links, agencies, institutions, operators and more, concerning which decision scan be taken on a piecemeal basis. .  It is in fact a textbook example of a disorganized complex system, or more specifically a vast, chaotic but ultimately manageable ecosystem.  And if it is our ambition — which it should be — to construct, or rather reconstruct, our city transport systems into functional high-performing sustainable ecosystems. it can help to build up our understanding of the process in steps.

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La lucha contra el mito de que las calles completas son demasiado caras

 from Streetsblog DC takes a good look at this often-advanced view that, good as they may be for a wide range of reasons, the fact is that we just can’t afford complete streets. One more great reason not to change, eh?

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The Safe Streets Challenge: 2012 – 2015

After considerable and at times quite contentious discussions over the last months with colleagues around the world through various discussion fora, social media, programs, conferences, email, Skype, phone and personal visits, we have decided to make one of the principal themes of our work here at World Streets for the coming year that of Safe Streets.

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