The goal here is not only to develop this as a first class collaborative website covering sustainability and mobility issues in the city by itself, with the participation of a group of contributing editors and authors who will oversee its continuing operation, but also to support the website as a collaborative work space with a selection of social media and a certain number of other tricks and tools that the web offers. Thus we would like to see the present draft quickly integrated into and supported usefully by links to Google-plus, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and a selection of these other powerful tools for collaborative work. We also anticipate that there will be a strong media section covering a wide range of creative photographs, drawings, radio programs, podcasts, videos and even perhaps full-length films.

As a first time visitor here, you will know doubt not be impressed by the way things stand at this point. But believe us, this is work in progress and in the weeks ahead we expect to see considerable development from many sides.

Social Space Format Photographs of the Streets of Guadalajara
There is one relatively simple project which might be a good way to crank up the media section, and that is the collection of photographs in our so-called social space format (Images of exactly 960 × 260 pixels) that show the good, bad and the ugly of the streets of Guadalajara. If you wish to discuss this or have candidate photos, please get in touch and we can start to post them on the site on a selective basis. (If you wish to get a feel for a wide variety of “stories” that we think these pictures can and should tell, have a look at the first thirty pictures in this format which have been collected for a collaborative project for the city of Kampala, Uganda, which you can find at https://picasaweb.google.com/114259075571772328601/StreetsOfKampala#slideshow/5641912674969974770 . You may also find some value in an article from world streets on social space format which is available at http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/editorial-team/the-social-space-format/

Linking to key programs and sources
we hope that Calles will gradually develop into a “first stop shop” for information on all aspects of sustainable mobility and public space for not only the city of Guadalajara but also all of the cities and neighborhoods in the greater regional area. To this end, a good first step will be to identify all of the key local organizations working in this area, and from that extend out to key sources from other parts of Mexico and finally outstanding related international programs and sources



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